Craving Connection

Tis the season for gatherings, community, and celebration. The last quarter of the year is thought to be a time spent with family, friends, and colleagues. However, many people do not have family, friends, or a community to get together with. Although a portion of those who spend the holiday season alone may enjoy the quietness and solitude, I believe that most people crave connection. 

If you have a community you belong to or a family to spend the holidays with, I encourage you to still connect with the people in your life and ask them how they plan to spend this time of year. To your surprise, you may find that someone you care for is actually in need of a community during this time. 

On the other hand, you may be someone who expects to be alone during this time of year. If this is you, ask yourself if there is something that you can offer this world. Perhaps you have a talent, a gift, or insight that others may benefit from. Consider what life experiences you can find in common with others. Then, seek that community for comradery, support, and friendship. Let yourself be inspired by others and never doubt that you have the ability to empower others through your experiences and learnings.