Designed with you in mind

This is a planner with monthly, weekly and daily layouts that are designed to help you manage your energy - your prāṇa. The layouts and structure of the planner's composition is supported with yoga philosophy, rituals and āsana (the physical branch of yoga). Each layout consists of checklists that are intended to help users stay intentional with their time, while experimenting with different practices of yoga.

For people who are dedicated to their work or studies, the day can easily pass without enjoying the simple pleasures of getting fresh air or relaxing with a nightly routine at the end of the day. With a busy schedule, important items may be forgotten; such as, exercising, buying your friend a birthday present or connecting with a loved one. With this planner, you can cultivate more joy and peace in your life while still maintaining the drive you have for your career and/or schoolwork. Incorporating these habits will help you approach each day with mental clarity and ambition.

Prāṇa Planner was inspired by the undergraduate college students at Loyola Marymount University who were enrolled in an Introduction to Yoga course. A study on this course tabulated the effects on the student's mental health and emotional well-being. The results further expounded that the non-physical branches of yoga were equally important to the physical, yet most yoga offerings only provide the latter. 

This planner is designed with the intention that more people become self-aware of their thoughts, actions, and words in order to improve their quality of life; and, inspire others to do the same. 

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