Five Minutes to Serenity

It's common to let your stress and anxiety take control of a situation. Oftentimes, you are so deeply immersed in a worrisome thought, that you end up riding a wild ride of emotional distress. The key to relieving some of this hardship is to take that control back. Here’s how to take control of your thoughts and emotions when you’re feeling stressed, experiencing grief, or unsure of how you can take the next step forward. 

First, bring a soft gaze towards something in front of you or close your eyes. Start to take deep breaths in through your nose, expanding your belly. Control your exhales so that they’re slow and smooth as they exit your mouth and your belly deflates. Anytime a thought enters your mind, inquire if it needs your attention at the moment. If it does, stay with that thought, question its presence, and notice how it makes you feel. Then, come back to observing your slow and steady breathing. 

Although this practice can be beneficial in times of need, it is more important to do this daily. That way, in times of pressure, this technique feels much less like a practice and feels more familiar. Gaining control of your thoughts and feelings through your breath is one of the most beneficial tools you can use from the ancient teachings of yoga.