From Fear to Confidence

October brought us Mental Health Awareness Month and I am curious how this was decided on a global scale. Were mental health practices disseminated through mainstream platforms? Were they well received? As I reflect on this past month that houses Halloween, I began to think about how frightening it can be to ask for help. Oftentimes, we spiral into a mental space that may be too horrifying to admit. Which leads us to wear these costumes that mask how we are really feeling. 

If we sincerely want to raise awareness of our mental health, we have to take the first step in being honest with ourselves. Shed the layer of fear that makes you believe that you do not deserve to get help when you need it. Or shed the layer of shame that you might feel for not being the person you think the world is expecting from you. Instead, take time in stillness, with the help of a yoga practice, to notice when you are not feeling yourself; when you are not feeling your best. And from there, get honest with how you want to feel and seek the knowledge to get you there.