Release and Renew Through the Power of Mantra

Do you ever notice how your body feels closed off when you are sad or tense when you are angry at someone? But on the contrary, when you see something or someone that makes you smile, say by cracking a joke, for example, it makes you release laughter causing your whole body to release that tension afterward while you attempt to catch your breath. Simple and small things like this in life will have your body thanking you for moments like these. Just by smiling you will see and feel firsthand what that does to your body and mind. You might feel a nirvana-like range of emotions such as buoyancy or perhaps a feeling of calmness which will benefit you greatly overall.

Mantra meditations are utilized as a vessel to clear the mind and refocus it on what you want to achieve. This week I have been directing my focus on the mantra, “I release”. You too can practice mantra meditation if you have a set of mala beads by repeating the phrase “I release”. If you do not have mala beads, do not fret! You can count on your fingers and cycle through as many rounds as you’d like. Before you start, think about what you are ready to let go of. This can be a judgmental thought or an unhealthy habit. Then, when you are ready, begin to repeat “I release” as you find a gentle smile on your face and feel your body relax.

I am releasing self-doubt, how about you?


With love,