What your diet and social interactions have in common

"Why am I so tired?"

Do you find yourself eating super clean during the week and then you turn into the Hamburglar on the weekends? You are not alone. What determines a “good week” for me heavily depends on how I treat my body. If I make it to all of my scheduled workouts and I eat clean, come Saturday, I chow down. 

After four weeks of this cycle, I became so attuned to how my body would feel after the foods I consumed. During the week I feel light, energized, and confident. When I break that streak on Friday night or Saturday morning, I notice that all I want to do is relax. Naps are mandatory if I am to make it out in the evenings. I just feel lethargic and physically swollen. I used to think that this weekend energy was because we are overworked Americans, which I still believe to be true, but now I have come to know that this is just a piece of the pie. 

One thing to keep in mind is that this awareness of consumption can be applied to almost everything. The people we chose to be around, the music we listen to, the news outlets we follow, the media we find entertainment in: these all have an energetic signature that we get stamped with. They can make us feel light, uplifted, and supported. They can also make us feel tired, sad, or hopeless. We must choose to consume energy that supports us and know how to cleanse ourselves from the heavy energy when it enters our space. 

If you feel like cleaning out your fridge, unfollowing some accounts, or canceling some subscriptions, just start small. Practice being aware of how your body, emotions, and energy react to certain choices. Then, do some self-reflection.

Thanks for reading and please reach out if you have questions or want to chat more.