Yoga Off the Mat

A mental health routine can be daunting to begin. I find that many folks turn to yoga and meditation for peace of mind and clarity; yet often wonder why it hasn’t “worked for them”. Perhaps the reason may be that peace and clarity is not something that can be achieved by doing an hour of yoga asana (the physical branch of yoga). Peace and clarity also isn't something that can be achieved by just listening to a meditation. True inner peace comes from a complete lifestyle practice that includes self-reflection (svadhyaya), loving compassion (ahimsa), and the willingness to evolve (aparigraha). 

When it comes to making this lifestyle shift, I believe that a significant part of your personal outlook for the day is determined by how you start it. By creating a peaceful and grounded morning routine, you can free up so much mental space for yourself throughout the rest of the day. If creating a routine seems overwhelming, start small, but stay consistent. 

This might be the perfect time for you to start a daily gratitude practice. In your journal, write down three things that you are grateful for. Keep it simple and close to your body. For example, “Today I am grateful for the ability to breathe, access to clean drinking water, and my comfy bed."