Prāṇa Planner

Grab the perfect gift for your loved one with this 2023 planner and tea bundle. 


This planner is perfect for anyone who is looking to get grounded in a yogic lifestyle and executing their days with more intention. The monthly layouts include a philosophy topic to consider and a ritual to try. There are monthly, weekly, and daily checklists to help you stay connected to your practice and to manage your energy wisely. You'll also find a seasonal transitions worksheet which is based on an energetic healing model. And here on the website, monthly āsana (physical yoga) videos will be published for an at home practice.


  • 6.9" x 9.8"
  • Soft cover
  • Faux leather
  • Two ribbon markers
  • Bamboo pulp paper
  • 120 GSM


We teamed up with Rhino + Lucy to create this beautiful blend focused on Expansion. This blend consists of Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Linden, Mistletoe, Hawthorn Berries, and Rose Petals. This recipe helps open up the heart and calm the mind. Linden is a calming nervine, great at reducing anxiety and lowering high blood pressure. Paired with Mistletoe and Hawthorn Berries, together these three herbs help support the cardiovascular system and improve circulation. Mistletoe and Hawthorn Berries also provide emotional support and are great for those experiencing grief, loss, heartbreak and/or sadness. Rose Petals are an amazing addition and help open the heart and uplift the spirit. This blend is perfect for those days when you need a bit more energy and emotional clarity.


  • Makes 20 servings 
  • Contains caffeine 

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