[WHOLESALE] JOURNAL: seasonal transitions

Prāṇa Planner

Wholesale orders are sold in increments of 12 journals.
Each dozen costs $192 + tax + $23 for shipping.  
MSRP: $24

This journal is structured around the quarterly transitions that we experience here on Earth. Each equinox and solstice presents to us the opportunity to reflect and brings awareness to a fresh start.

Self-reflection, svādhyāya, is a foundational pillar within a yogic practice. Through the deeply personal act of journaling we have the chance to learn about our mental, emotional, and behavioral imprints - our samskaras. What we discover grants us the choice to heal, forgive, expand, and move forward from unseen hindrances.

Before each equinox and solstice, you will find a layout to review your current state and set intentions for the new season. This practice is based on a yogic structure called the Pañcakośa model, a system which indicates that we have five layers of subtle bodies to maintain in order to feel our best. 


  • 5.8" x 8.3"
  • Hard cover
  • Faux leather
  • Two ribbon markers
  • 120 GSM paper


Type: Yoga journal

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